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Back & Neck Pain

In my experience teaching the Alexander Technique, most people can at least greatly relieve, and usually eliminate back and/or neck pain by applying the technique to their daily lives. Furthermore, because this comes about as a result of having learned a skill, if the pain returns in the future, they can usually identify what they are doing that causes the pain, and stop doing it.
A major study on back pain was published in the British Medical Journal in 2008, showing very positive and long lasting results in helping people reduce back pain through Alexander Technique lessons.

One of the main benefits of the Alexander Technique is learning to move, sit, and stand with a lengthening spine. This comes about as we learn to stop compressing the spine in reaction to a stimulus. Over a series of lessons, the student learns to recognize this compression, and release it, at earlier and earlier stages of reaction to a stimulus, until she/he can not react(compress) at all in the face of the stimulus, but voluntarily choose an effective response instead. The stimulus can be anything in the student’s life: The holidays,a deadline, job pressures, shoveling snow or working in the garden, going on vacation, or even(and often) a thought.

The great advantage the Technique offers as an approach to pain is that it can be applied throughout the days activities, and over long periods of time. It restores the body’s natural support mechanisms, so that standing, sitting, and walking become relatively effortless. There is no sense of having to make efforts to stand up straight or sit up straight, only an awareness of the distribution of support throughout the
whole body/mind.

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