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In working with musicians, I start with the concept that the musician’s own body/mind is their first instrument, and is therefore entirely worthy of their attention. It must be tuned, open and free if it is going to allow a full expression of the music being played. This is very evident with singers, but sometimes less so with instrumentalists, until they apply the Alexander Technique’s principles to their own use while in the act of playing.

It is often an exciting, even exhilarating discovery to hear the difference in song or sound as the musician starts to play with a more conscious use of the self. I’ve worked with singers, voice teachers, and a wide variety if instrumentalists and we have found these collaborations richly rewarding.

Repetitive Stress Injury is an occupational hazard for musicians and I’ve found the Alexander Technique to be a very effective approach to RSI because it shows how the injury is occurring and teaches the student how to stop injuring themselves.

Actors study the technique for both voice and movement, both of which depend upon the body/mind being available for the actor’s intent. Oftentimes the focus is to clear the body of one’s own habits so that a character can be created from a free and uncluttered place.

Dancers already know that you are happiest when your joints are open, your limbs are free, and your spine is fluid and flexible. The Alexander Technique is a reliable way of getting there.

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