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In my experience of working with others, I’ve seen very few headaches manifest without excess tension, even though this tension may go unrecognized prior to the headache. Even “menstrual” or hormonal headaches can often be lessened or avoided by using the skills the Alexander Technique teaches. (one common exception to this is the allergic headache, such as from wine, chocolate, or MSG for some people.)
Headaches starting after an injury or Trauma, such as a car accident, are often relieved or eliminated with Alexander Technique and Craniosacral Therapy, which allows the body to release the impact and consequent adaptations of the trauma.
As is often the case, the body metaphors in our language often provide a helpful clue: “I always get a headache at work at the end of the month” (when the reports are due?), or “working with that person gives me a headache”. In instances where we can’t change the outer situation, the Alexander Technique can teach us not to react to the stimulus in a way that is so costly and harmful to ourselves.