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“Vincent Fraser has the unique ability to enter his client’s experience, wherever they happen to be on their healing path – never from a place of where they ought to be, but truly from where they are. He connects with you on an essential level, always supporting and guiding. As a healthcare professional, I know how powerful that can be. If there is one member your healthcare team should not be without, it’s Vincent. He has changed my life – when you’re ready, he can help you change yours.”
Veronica R. , D.C., M.S., Ac.C.P.


I can never say enough good about Vincent Fraser. I’ve been working with him for the past four years, and I can point to so much artistic and personal growth which has been directly linked to my sessions with him. Vincent is a gifted man, and among his gifts is a priceless desire to help and heal those in the world around him. This desire gives his work wings-the ineffable something that transcends just a job well-done.

Vincent is deeply thoughtful, intuitive, open-hearted, an excellent communicator . . . . in short, an evolved being. Coming into contact with him has been a blessing to me, which is why I recommend him as a teacher to anyone who seeks more ease, freedom, expansion, dominion. I have certainly seen much progress in all of these areas with his coaching.
Jennifer F.

Vincent’s healing skills have benefited me in countless ways. There are two in particular that I would like to highlight. The first is tremendous relief from chronic migraines. I have suffered with migraines for over 10 years. Drawing on his extensive experience with Alexander Technique, Vincent taught me simple, daily exercises that greatly reduce the incidence of my migraines. When I occasionally still get a migraine his hands-on cranial-sacral skills, combined with energy healing, provide almost immediate relief to intense pain. The other area of remarkable benefit is how he worked with me to quiet and strengthen my central nervous system, particularly around anxiety. Vincent acted as healer and teacher, always empowering me to learn how the body works—from breath to muscle tension. This resulted in my decision to gradually come off anxiety medication—which I have been able to do. Vincent played a central role throughout the process.
Jean W., working mother of two children

Vincent is absolutely AMAZING! He is professional, intelligent, respectful and a true pleasure to work with! I am enormously grateful that I found him and know that he has forever changed my Life. I have been a competitive athlete all my life (I am 28.) At two years-old I was already on ice skates…I competed seriously until the age of eighteen. I was also very active as a ballet dancer, a soccer player, and a cross-country runner. I am currently a competitive International Latin dancer…not to mention as SERIOUS thinker! I have been looking for fifteen years for a technique that did not simply treat the superficial symptoms of my injuries but rather, one that would allow me to integrate my mind into the healing process (it is the source of much body tension, after all.) I have been seeing Vincent for several months and would recommend him to the world if I could! He works with each individual AS and individual, tailoring the Technique to each of us and our specific needs! The Technique helps to conquer a vast array of physical AND mental disabilities…from the minor to more significant…and Vincent is the PERFECT teacher to help each of us to realize the benefits of this incredible Technique for ourselves!
Pascal M.

Vincent’s teaching has changed my life.  I’m a professional violinist and I was in a lot of pain in my arms when I came to Vincent.  He was patient, and from my experience with lots of teachers, he is a very wise teacher.  He is extremely intuitive and sensitive to your physical needs.  I am now pain free and at the same time I learned a fantastic technique that is not just about the body, but about living.  Never have I experienced teaching that is so intuitive and searching for the path to the students soul.  When I leave a lesson, I’m exhilarated with a new found energy and vitality.  The technique gave me a center that I had never experienced before, allowing me to experience in my playing ability, a magical place with no limits.
Gary c., M.A.